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My name is Laura (but everyone calls me Lau). I'm 16 years old and I live a happy life in the netherlands but can't wait to move to London when I finish my school. I'm currently going to beauty school to become a beautician. I write about everything I find interesting, like fashion, I love fashion and I love to take inspiration from people just walking in a city I could watch people all day (is this weird? lol). Eventually I really want to become a Celebrity stylist and make my job out of this! Beauty, what can I say about this. I just love make-up and everything that has to with it. That's why I decided to go to beauty school for 3 years to graduate as a beautician. I don't want to make it my job though. And a healthy lifestyle, this is very important for me and a big 'chapter' in my life. I love to run and lifting weights. I will also be posting about things that keeps me busy. If you like it you should check out my blog!

Kisses, Lau

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