Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My New Year's Resolutions For 2015

First thing first, I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and that all your wishes came true. second, I'm so disappointed in myself. I really want to take this blog serious and post at least twice a week, now I almost didn't post for a month or something... Although I do have a reason for it I am still disappointed. I had a internship at a beauty store for 6 weeks. 4 days a week I had to work there from 9 to 6, when I came home I was sooo tired. I had school once a week and still had to study. You can say I didn't have a social life anymore haha. But anyway enough with the bad side, I've learned a lot and I loved working with make-up and just beauty related stuff everyday. Now I'm done with the internship and after winter break I have to go back to school. Enough about my boring life haha, I wanted to share my new year's resolutions for 2015. I make them every year and try to accomplish as much as possible before the year ends. Hope you enjoy reading them!

1. Blog more

I want to learn more about blogging. I already love to do it but I want to grow and make it my hobby. I also want to learn more about the things I blog about so immerse myself in make-up. 

2. Read one book a month

I don't read a lot and I wanna change that because it's not that I don't like reading but I don't have the time and this year I wanna make time for it. I always read english books because I like the language more than dutch. 

3. Get fit

In 2013 I was really into working out, eating healthy etc. 2014 was just a really shitty year and a big part of the year I wasn't happy with myself or my life. But it's all good now and I'm happier and really want to get back into working out and stuff. I also want to be able to run 15 km at the end of 2015.

4. Save money

I want to save money for my driver's license. I think I'm one of the worst money saver in the world but I really want to try this year.

5. Be more organized 

I was organized once, I planned out my whole day, week, life haha. But I got a lot of work done and I want to try to get that back this year. 

6. Travel

And especially visit London at least once :)

I hope you all have a wonderful new year's night/day, and let me know what your resolutions for the new year are!

Kisses Lau

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  1. Good luck on your resolutions and great post!

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