Wednesday, 5 November 2014

My Christmas Wish List 2014

I absolutely love Christmas, every year around September I start to get really excited and if my mom would let me I would've decorated the whole house even before Halloween. Also I'm always very early with my wish list, not because I want that much stuff or something but only because I'm so obsessed with christmas. I decided to share it with you guys, enjoy!

Zoeva, 255 eye blender brush

Zoeva, 144 soft concealer brush

Tanya Burr fake lashes, Bambi Eyes

Lipstick organizer (ebay)

MAC lipstick, lovelorn

Ikea ALEX make-up storage

This is everything I really want for christmas this year. I hope you got some inspiration from my list. And make sure to follow me if you like more christmas related posts!

Kisses Lau


  1. I have to search for one of those lipstick organizers, I never know where my lipsticks are.. I keep leaving them everywhere! - The Caramel Cat

    1. You should search on ebay, just type in lipstick organizer or something. pretty cheap too! .xx